Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time to cut! (TRAINING)

There are many really effective ways to train, but I'd like to concentrate mainly on weightlifting and HIIT. It is recommended to lift weights at least 3 times/week with 1-2 days in between every training for maximum benefits, because your muscles need rest-time in order to develope. That being said, the best way to cut fat is to lift heavy-ass weights. You can also add HIIT to your program if you wish (google it up). As my main goal is to keep my blog-posts shorts, here's my training routine:

Training A:
Back (pullups, lat-pulldowns, rows)
Shoulders (Explosive overhead press, dumbell flies)
Abs (Planks, leg raises)

Training B:
Chest (Bench press, dumbell presses)
Biceps/Triceps (Hammer curls, bench press with narrow grip)
The system goes like that: Monday -A, Tuesday - rest, Wednesday - B, Thurstday - rest, Friday - A etc.

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Time to cut! (DIET)

First of all, let me tell you: losing weight isn't about eating as minimal amount of food as possible, it's about eating the right food at right times. To keep it short, I will just provide you with an example of my (fat)cutting routine.

Morning: 2 eggs + bacon + 2 glasses of water + 2 fish oil capsules + 1 multivitamin
12AM: some sort of lean meat + salad + 2 potatoes/brown rice/whole wheat pasta + water
4PM: vegetable soup (whatever kind) + water
8PM: chicken breast + ovenbaked broccoli with cheese topping + water
10PM: cottege cheese and tuna

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